Whether in B2B or B2C, having a website has become a necessity. There are hundreds of good reasons to create a site, but especially « few » not to do it. The real issue is not having or not having a site, but rather; how to make your site attractive?

First, you need to know that there are more than 1.5 billion websites for 3.9 billion Internet users today. Between SEO, ergonomics, graphics, harmonization, responsive … Starting your own website, good luck!

There are two main axes opening themselves to anyone who wants a website : choose a pre-established website as a template or go to a communication agency for professional services. Of course, prices and results will majorly differ depending on this choice.

  • In the case of a website on a template : your site will be difficult to edit and SEO work will be practically impossible, but this option is less expensive.
  • In the case of a site created in an agency : your site would be easily malleable, to your image, respond concretely to your needs and you would be 100% independant. The communication agency allows you to have infinity of possibilities so that your website has all the details you asked for.

At Graffikweb, we offer an 8-step process for optimal support and above all, great expertise to propel your website. Our goal is to respond exactly to your needs and then help you gain full control over its use and future development.

  1. Expression of needs : during an appointment, we collect and reformulate the expression of your needs in terms of digital solution.
  2. Exchange advice: We propose concepts adapted to ergonomics, feasibility and technology.
  3. Drafting specifications and functional specifications : we contract all your project point by point (graphics, ergonomics and features).
  4. Creation of templates in PSD format(Photoshop file) : in response to the specifications, we realize templates of the the website’s different sections that will be presented to you.
  5. Development and integration : we move to the production stage with validation steps.
  6. Acceptance testing : we fully test the website from the front office to the back office.
  7. Delivery on production environment : as soon as the project meets your requirements, we deliver on production server. Your website is now online and usable.
  8. Training : our solutions come with training to add, edit and delete content as you wish. You are finally free to operate your website.

After these 8 steps, you will finally have a site with modern touch, which looks like you and is constantly adaptable.

And, to my skeptical friends, I tell you: you have to live with your time if you want to live with others!

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