Being on social media these days is inevitable. Not being on social them yet is hiding yourself from the changes of a dynamic society. This article is for regular users who are starting to worry about the underworld of social media. Indeed, know that your simple daily “scroll” is filled with hunters; businesses.

Social networks have become the quintessential hunting ground for businesses. Do you think you can check out you Instagram, Facebook, Twitter without any repercussion? Think again.  Companies are watching you and analysing your actions. For a company, having a judicious positioning and an effective strategy can turn out to be a gold mine.

Indeed, a well established company on social networks can share content with its customers, exchange with prospects, answer questions and much more. On a more subtle level, the company communicates its values ​​and improves its brand image. It is important to understand that social networks are becoming more and more central in our daily lives and therefore, every business must pay attention to them.

A simple exemple to demonstrate the importance of social media in the 21st century is that a new job has been created : community manager. It might still be new for some, but this job consist in managing the company’s image and animation on all networks. Several advertising companies specialise themselves in this field. You are probably wondering which company offers that kind of services… Graffikweb! Indeed, we study your clientèle to adapt our service on all types of social networks.

For your knowledge, a new law is in place now : General Data Protection Regulation, or commonly known as the GDPR. It aims to protect you from companies storing your personal data through websites. Despite everything, companies always manage to scatter personalised advertisement influencing you much more than you would admit!

From now on, you will be a little better informed about the secrets of social networks. For my entrepreneurial friends, you may be able to to use them better!

Good scroll!