A logotype, or more known by the abbreviation « logo » is, by definition, a graphic representation of a trademark, a brand, a product. To simplify this gibberish, a logo is the main way to identify a company. You may think this is just a pretty design, but then why are companies willing to pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars for the creation of a logo?

Firstly, be aware that a logo has much more crucial functions than simply identifying a business. A logo expresses your company’s values, personality and message. Its colors, shapes and font type directly influence your target customers.

First, colors can evoke emotions :

Secondly, shapes have a symbolism and transmit a message according to the context in which they are used.

Thirdly, font type is probably the least known marketing impact, and yet one of the most significant! Several large companies create their own font type for all their communication medium.

The importance of a high quality logo is undeniable, and the creation process too! The logos available on internet for 30 € might have the color and shape you are looking for, but they are not protected! Intellectual property is indeed a crucial issue with serious consequences. Learn more about the Intellectual property.

Doing business with a professional is the recommended option for your logo to reach your target customers and for it to last over the years. Here at Graffikweb we offer three logo drafts, through the following creation process :

1. A meeting to exchange on the company, its vision, its values ​​and its market in order to have a global understanding of the company.

2. Competitive intelligence in terms of positioning and brand image.

3. Search for similar activities by area.

4. Beginning of the creation of the 3 logo drafts :

  • A first version in line with the competitive intelligence based on the constant branding of the competition.
  • A second version that meets your preferences in terms of color harmony, font type and graphic axis.
  • A third version which corresponds to the graphic designer’s researches in terms of message, colors, font type and graphic axis.

5. Presentation of the 3 drafts. We will focus on one draft and finalise the design if necessary.

In conclusion, through a real professional creation process, you will have a logo that will resemble you. But don’t worry, I highly doubt that creating your logo could be as expensive as the « Pôle emploi » logo! An eternal mystery …


Source photo : signification of colors

Source photo : signification of shapes