A logo is your brand’s digital print. It has to be your know-how’s essence. It must represent your values, your skillset and your notoriety.

His conception rests on 4 fondamentales
  • You enterprise’s spirit
  • Your clientele
  • Your Competition
  • Your know-how

What will we study in order to suggest your futur entreprise’s birthmark and its evolution?

  • The iconography under different graphic axes.
  • The font type ; trough it, you can perceive a message.
  • The color harmony ; colors provokes mental associations and moral values.
  • The logotype is delivered in many variants for various uses. ex : can be used in a portrait or landscape format.
    ex : in color or monochromatic, in black and white or in reversed colors.


It determines how the logo and its declinations can be use on various advertising support.

We determine

    • the message
    • The logo’s construction
    • The font type
    • The colors’ definition and its codification for web and print purposes
    • Various prohibited uses
    • The construction of various documents related to the branding guideline
    • The constructions of various supports such as flyers, brochures, bigger formats
    • Various digital supports


We go further than just normalizing your stationery line, we create a universe for your correspondence. We broadcast a message and the brand’s image.

  • Business card
  • Correspondence card
  • Post card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Self-copying block
  • Commercial flap pouch
  • Ink stamp


We design the box that will make your product stand out. The desire to discover and unwrap is an integral part of the shopping experience.

  • Label creation
  •  Custom packaging
  • Card design for plastic cover
  • Bottle design
  • Technical drawing

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