The intellectual property is a term regularly used in our jargon, but without a real understanding of its full meaning.

What is it concretely? It represents all the exclusive rights granted on creations. Its main objective is to protect people’s creation of usurpers who would seek to counterfeit or plagiarize the same work.

It is governed by the intellectual property code, one of the many French legislations. Of course, like every law worthy of the name, it has a thousand and one complexifications.

In all its subtleties, the intellectual property covers 2 domains:

  • Industrial property
  • Literary and artistic property
Industrial property Artistic property
patents Copyright including software protection
brands Rights of neighbors of copyright
Drawings and models Data base
Manufactures secrets
Certificat vegetal obtention
Semiconductor products
Appellations of origin

The INPI, National Institute of Industrial Protection, is the main institutional player responsible for enforcing the policies and laws of the Intellectual Property Code. This institute is also in charge of managing and issuing industrial property titles: trademarks, patents, drawings, models, etc.

An awareness of its amplitude is necessary. Failing to take this into consideration exposes the usurper to multiple risks. To put you in context, you could be the author of a counterfeit without you knowing and expose you to a fine of 300 000 euros and 3 years of a jail time. The line separating inspiration and plagiarism is extremely fine. On one side there is creativity, and on the other there are serious consequences.

To conclude, the intellectual property protects the creatives of this world, but concerns us all indirectly because of the extent of its boundaries. We advise you to always stay well informed on the subject to avoid the worst. Let’s continue to break the boundaries of our creativity, without breaking the law!

For more information on the intellectual property, the INPI will answer your questions!


Source : INPI