Confusius said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

All reflections made on the message to be diffused can be realized in the form of illustration, pictogram, icon …

We will determine the iconography’s purpose and define the adequate technique to be used.

  • freehand Sketch (technology allows us to draw with a graphic tablets)
  • Figurative vector illustration
  • Complex pictogram
  • Photo, montage

the term “graphic design” can also be related to embellish any time of document.


Choosing a free of right font type or a fully personalized one?

Choosing a font type for your brand image? Yes, it is vital because the drawing itself of the character expresses values. And just like software or media, a font type is licensed to use. Your reflection should focus on three main issues:
Should we follow the trend?

  • There are fashion trends, but it remains important to follow the trend with attention to what will become ephemeral.

Choose a font type free of right or with license?

  • Beware of free of rights font types found on the Internet, they have been most likely used and reused. Keep in mind that your message is unique.

Invest in the creation a custom font type?

  • The desire to have a unique typography allows to spread a unique message.


You present documents on Power Point?
Homogenize and boost your branding with themes and models that reflect your company’s image.

  • Set a chart for your Power Point presentations
  • Train your teams to the standards of elegant layout
  • Use Power Point canvas defined and in line with your image

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