Generation Z, what’s that? Sometimes called « Generation C », it’s the youngsters born after the millennials in the digital air. And believe me, be ready for some changes!

Firstly, you need to know some facts about the Z. They are the youngsters born after 1995 and are next to enter the job market. Being the digital natives, they behave differently and use innovative platforms.

In the work domain, young Zs have very specific characteristics. The acronym « Generation C » comes from the 4 « C » which correspond perfectly to them: communication, collaboration, connection and creativity. Indeed, they dream of cooperative jobs and seek interactivity. They expect, above all, the company to allow them a certain flexibility and be a vector of social bond, cohesion and conviviality.

However, they do not intend to comply with conventional methods. Freelance, telework, part-time, terms that you will be forced to hear from them. They dream of independence and autonomy; 25% of them want to be their own boss.

Thus, they revolutionize the world of work, and know how to adapt is essential. Let’s not forget that they are a way to their cradle, the digital world.

Also, from a business point of view, the Zs are a whole different target to reach. Newspapers, they do not know. Flyers, business cards, old-fashioned. Reading, boring.

Then, how can we reach them? Social networks. The answer may seem simple, but the subtleties are hidden in an adapted approach. It’s important to know that the gen Z is specialized in speed. Therefore, the golden rule is: the longer the comprehension takes, the lower the interest is. Thereafter, you are free to use any methods to achieve them, whether with the creation of videos, taking pictures, writing an article.Combine this golden rule and a solid investment on social networks and you will get a clever commercial prospection!

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To conclude, let us avoid the obsolete image of a lazy generation or a narcissistic generation. On the contrary, let’s turn the page and follow the change, otherwise the change will turn the page on us!