Ecology is finally at the center of discussions. Pollution, global warming and contaminated water are ecological concerns for all of us. Companies are often the first to be concerned, and many are taking the « green » turn. This leaves room for new ideas that will allow everyone to take a more environmentally friendly approach to their workplace.

All the companies that have looked into the subject have brought out ideas for radical changes and others, simple habits that are easy to implement on a daily basis. Here are a few that could inspire you :



The way our suppliers work may seem out of hands, but we can always turn to « green » suppliers, which are more and more common. Electrical suppliers, water suppliers, equipment suppliers, and others.

There are well establish labels in terms of ecology. Here’s a few :

  • European eco-label ; official European certification
  • Energy star label; allows to distinguish the most efficient equipment in terms of energy efficiency.
  • NF environment; It’s one of the most important french label related to the environment
  • Moebius ring; recyclable packaging
  • Cradle to Cradle; certifies that the production of fourniture parts has a lower impact on the environment. 

To discover other labels related to ecology, visit the website : ecology label


Internal measures

It is possible to encourage green transportation. Providing public transit passes, offering a space dedicated to bicycles, plenty of options can be considered. 

It is also possible to influence employees to use ecological methods in their workplace, but also at home. The use of internal means of communication, such as posters and newsletters, can raise employee’s awareness and possibly influence them to do the same at home.


Waste management

Several simple measures can be put in place to reduce the amount of waste produced such as reusable cups, dematerialized documents, printing both sides of a sheet, etc.

You could implement sorting measures such as recycling and composting.


For our part at Graffikweb, we have already taken several measures. For electricity, we switched to  Engie, a global player in green energy. We use coffee mugs over plastic cups. We limit our consumption of paper and, when it’s possible, we reuse it. We also provide our employees a space to store scooters and bikes. Finally, we also promote videoconferencing with our customers and suppliers.

But we want to go further, we want to have only paper supplies with certification FSC® certification, global certification of environment friendly paper.

certification FSC®


That’s one small green step for man, one giant leap for environment!