The desire to share and discuss about a thousand and one topics is a desire we all have. Whether it’s writing about an environmental issue, your daily life, your car engine, your limit is your creativity!

The only common denominator is that we are submerged in a digital world. Millions of articles appear every day on the web. So how can we optimize the chances of our masterpiece being read? The answer is not hidden only in the content, but mainly in the way we write it.

Here are the key tools for an irresistible article!

  • Create a structured plan, crucial step and neglected of all. Start by making a plan of your article topic and structure it according to the many facets you want to address.
  • An original introduction that instantly catches the eye. And to do this, just ask yourself what would hold your attention! An issue, an irony, let your creativity free!
  • Long paragraphs, the enemy! Imperative to regularly cut the text by idea. The more words there are, the less we want to read. Let’s not forget that we live in a world where « zapping » is instinctive. Let’s avoid discouraging our reader, starting by paying attention to the length of our paragraphs.
  • Quality, not quantity the golden rule for high-end content is simple; quality, especially not quantity! Think about it … when you see a 3-page article, don’t you half read it? Concentrate on quality to avoid being part of the flow of articles lost in the abyss, avoid the superfluous.
  • Police and adapted jargon, they must be in harmony with the content of your article. Have you ever seen a law article with wacky lettering and common vocabulary? This balance is more subtle, but remains an indispensable element.
  • The aesthetics; the text must please the eye. It is imperative that your text is ergonomic with subtitles and different font formats to provide an organized structure. It’s a definite must.
  • Writing the conclusion; it’s time to hit hard to mark and rehash the main ideas. Like a desert, it needs to have finesse to end on a high note. Make room for all your creativity!
  • The title, probably the stage that scares many. A good title has the sole purpose of generating the desire to read and vaguely summarize the article’s subject. There is no real limit to the title, only that it must fulfill its primary purpose.

To conclude, the best way to know if your article holds the keys to success? Pay attention to your readers’ feedback and check if your amount of readers increase. After all, they are the real judges!

Now to your keyboards!