An ecological office

Ecology is finally at the center of discussions. Pollution, global warming and contaminated water are ecological concerns for all of us. Companies are often the first to be concerned, and many are taking the « green » turn. This leaves room for new ideas that will allow everyone to take a more environmentally friendly approach to their workplace.

All the companies that have looked into the subject have brought out ideas for radical changes and others, simple habits that are easy to implement on a daily basis. Here are a few that could inspire you :



The way our suppliers work may seem out of hands, but we can always turn to "green" suppliers, which are more and more common. Electrical suppliers, water suppliers, equipment suppliers, and others.

There are well establish labels in terms of ecology. Here’s a few :

  • European eco-label ; official European certification
  • Energy star label; allows to distinguish the most efficient equipment in terms of energy efficiency.
  • NF environment; It’s one of the most important french label related to the environment
  • Moebius ring; recyclable packaging
  • Cradle to Cradle; certifies that the production of fourniture parts has a lower impact on the environment. 

To discover other labels related to ecology, visit the website : ecology label


Internal measures

It is possible to encourage green transportation. Providing public transit passes, offering a space dedicated to bicycles, plenty of options can be considered. 

It is also possible to influence employees to use ecological methods in their workplace, but also at home. The use of internal means of communication, such as posters and newsletters, can raise employee’s awareness and possibly influence them to do the same at home.


Waste management

Several simple measures can be put in place to reduce the amount of waste produced such as reusable cups, dematerialized documents, printing both sides of a sheet, etc.

You could implement sorting measures such as recycling and composting.


For our part at Graffikweb, we have already taken several measures. For electricity, we switched to  Engie, a global player in green energy. We use coffee mugs over plastic cups. We limit our consumption of paper and, when it’s possible, we reuse it. We also provide our employees a space to store scooters and bikes. Finally, we also promote videoconferencing with our customers and suppliers.

But we want to go further, we want to have only paper supplies with certification FSC® certification, global certification of environment friendly paper.

certification FSC®


That's one small green step for man, one giant leap for environment!

Logo, just a drawing?

A logotype, or more known by the abbreviation « logo » is, by definition, a graphic representation of a trademark, a brand, a product. To simplify this gibberish, a logo is the main way to identify a company. You may think this is just a pretty design, but then why are companies willing to pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars for the creation of a logo?

Firstly, be aware that a logo has much more crucial functions than simply identifying a business. A logo expresses your company’s values, personality and message. Its colors, shapes and font type directly influence your target customers.

First, colors can evoke emotions :

Secondly, shapes have a symbolism and transmit a message according to the context in which they are used.

Thirdly, font type is probably the least known marketing impact, and yet one of the most significant! Several large companies create their own font type for all their communication medium.

The importance of a high quality logo is undeniable, and the creation process too! The logos available on internet for 30 € might have the color and shape you are looking for, but they are not protected! Intellectual property is indeed a crucial issue with serious consequences. Learn more about the Intellectual property.

Doing business with a professional is the recommended option for your logo to reach your target customers and for it to last over the years. Here at Graffikweb we offer three logo drafts, through the following creation process :

1. A meeting to exchange on the company, its vision, its values ​​and its market in order to have a global understanding of the company.

2. Competitive intelligence in terms of positioning and brand image.

3. Search for similar activities by area.

4. Beginning of the creation of the 3 logo drafts :

  • A first version in line with the competitive intelligence based on the constant branding of the competition.
  • A second version that meets your preferences in terms of color harmony, font type and graphic axis.
  • A third version which corresponds to the graphic designer’s researches in terms of message, colors, font type and graphic axis.

5. Presentation of the 3 drafts. We will focus on one draft and finalise the design if necessary.

In conclusion, through a real professional creation process, you will have a logo that will resemble you. But don’t worry, I highly doubt that creating your logo could be as expensive as the « Pôle emploi » logo! An eternal mystery …


Source photo : signification of colors

Source photo : signification of shapes

Social networks for business

Being on social media these days is inevitable. Not being on social them yet is hiding yourself from the changes of a dynamic society. This article is for regular users who are starting to worry about the underworld of social media. Indeed, know that your simple daily “scroll” is filled with hunters; businesses.

Social networks have become the quintessential hunting ground for businesses. Do you think you can check out you Instagram, Facebook, Twitter without any repercussion? Think again.  Companies are watching you and analysing your actions. For a company, having a judicious positioning and an effective strategy can turn out to be a gold mine.

Indeed, a well established company on social networks can share content with its customers, exchange with prospects, answer questions and much more. On a more subtle level, the company communicates its values ​​and improves its brand image. It is important to understand that social networks are becoming more and more central in our daily lives and therefore, every business must pay attention to them.

A simple exemple to demonstrate the importance of social media in the 21st century is that a new job has been created : community manager. It might still be new for some, but this job consist in managing the company’s image and animation on all networks. Several advertising companies specialise themselves in this field. You are probably wondering which company offers that kind of services… Graffikweb! Indeed, we study your clientèle to adapt our service on all types of social networks.

For your knowledge, a new law is in place now : General Data Protection Regulation, or commonly known as the GDPR. It aims to protect you from companies storing your personal data through websites. Despite everything, companies always manage to scatter personalised advertisement influencing you much more than you would admit!

From now on, you will be a little better informed about the secrets of social networks. For my entrepreneurial friends, you may be able to to use them better!

Good scroll!

Generation Z, a new era

Generation Z, what’s that? Sometimes called « Generation C », it’s the youngsters born after the millennials in the digital air. And believe me, be ready for some changes!

Firstly, you need to know some facts about the Z. They are the youngsters born after 1995 and are next to enter the job market. Being the digital natives, they behave differently and use innovative platforms.

In the work domain, young Zs have very specific characteristics. The acronym « Generation C » comes from the 4 « C » which correspond perfectly to them: communication, collaboration, connection and creativity. Indeed, they dream of cooperative jobs and seek interactivity. They expect, above all, the company to allow them a certain flexibility and be a vector of social bond, cohesion and conviviality.

However, they do not intend to comply with conventional methods. Freelance, telework, part-time, terms that you will be forced to hear from them. They dream of independence and autonomy; 25% of them want to be their own boss.

Thus, they revolutionize the world of work, and know how to adapt is essential. Let’s not forget that they are a way to their cradle, the digital world.

Also, from a business point of view, the Zs are a whole different target to reach. Newspapers, they do not know. Flyers, business cards, old-fashioned. Reading, boring.

Then, how can we reach them? Social networks. The answer may seem simple, but the subtleties are hidden in an adapted approach. It’s important to know that the gen Z is specialized in speed. Therefore, the golden rule is: the longer the comprehension takes, the lower the interest is. Thereafter, you are free to use any methods to achieve them, whether with the creation of videos, taking pictures, writing an article.Combine this golden rule and a solid investment on social networks and you will get a clever commercial prospection!

If you are looking for the keys to an article adapted to Z … How to write an article Graffikweb 

To conclude, let us avoid the obsolete image of a lazy generation or a narcissistic generation. On the contrary, let’s turn the page and follow the change, otherwise the change will turn the page on us!


Creation web site sur mesure

Customization, the long term option

To mark spirits, it became a necessity to be unique. Having one’s own soul draws attention in many parts of life.

In the entrepreneurial world, turning to « one of a kind » is a question of survival. An enterprise has to come up with something different, otherwise it is destined to an inevitable failure. CV from a Word template, no job in sight. Website made on Wix, lost in the abyss of the web.

The big brands have realized that selling a standard product is not enough, it must meet the requirements of the 21st century and the first main requirement is the feeling of valorisation. The product must speak to the customer, it needs to give the impression that it was designed only for him. With this key, the major companies exploded the market for customized products. 

In general, the « personalization » effect is constantly expanding and becomes unequivocally a commercial asset. In a competitive market, « home-made » is an element of differentiation by its originality and sometimes the elitist image of the distinct product.

Not only does the customized product respond adequately to the buyer’s tastes, but it also generates a loyalty effect. The product itself shows the creator’s increased attention and creates a sense of closeness with the customer. Those mixed emotions will bring the same customer back later!

At Graffikweb, we offer 100% customizable services. Customization is our motto. Our expertise in the graphic domain allows to obtain a fully customized representation of your web project, print or branding. Our goal is simple; take your concept and materialize it according to your image so that it suits your customers. We design according to your wishes!

Getting off the well-known track through fully customized concepts can reach new heights in record times. empower your business by having an image that reflects you and your know-how!

Intellectual property ; overwhelming word, simple explanation!

The intellectual property is a term regularly used in our jargon, but without a real understanding of its full meaning.

What is it concretely? It represents all the exclusive rights granted on creations. Its main objective is to protect people’s creation of usurpers who would seek to counterfeit or plagiarize the same work.

It is governed by the intellectual property code, one of the many French legislations. Of course, like every law worthy of the name, it has a thousand and one complexifications.

In all its subtleties, the intellectual property covers 2 domains:

  • Industrial property
  • Literary and artistic property
Industrial property Artistic property
patents Copyright including software protection
brands Rights of neighbors of copyright
Drawings and models Data base
Manufactures secrets
Certificat vegetal obtention
Semiconductor products
Appellations of origin

The INPI, National Institute of Industrial Protection, is the main institutional player responsible for enforcing the policies and laws of the Intellectual Property Code. This institute is also in charge of managing and issuing industrial property titles: trademarks, patents, drawings, models, etc.

An awareness of its amplitude is necessary. Failing to take this into consideration exposes the usurper to multiple risks. To put you in context, you could be the author of a counterfeit without you knowing and expose you to a fine of 300 000 euros and 3 years of a jail time. The line separating inspiration and plagiarism is extremely fine. On one side there is creativity, and on the other there are serious consequences.

To conclude, the intellectual property protects the creatives of this world, but concerns us all indirectly because of the extent of its boundaries. We advise you to always stay well informed on the subject to avoid the worst. Let’s continue to break the boundaries of our creativity, without breaking the law!

For more information on the intellectual property, the INPI will answer your questions!


Source : INPI

The end of the 50s, make room for the 21st century and its websites!

Whether in B2B or B2C, having a website has become a necessity. There are hundreds of good reasons to create a site, but especially « few » not to do it. The real issue is not having or not having a site, but rather; how to make your site attractive?

First, you need to know that there are more than 1.5 billion websites for 3.9 billion Internet users today. Between SEO, ergonomics, graphics, harmonization, responsive … Starting your own website, good luck!

There are two main axes opening themselves to anyone who wants a website : choose a pre-established website as a template or go to a communication agency for professional services. Of course, prices and results will majorly differ depending on this choice.

  • In the case of a website on a template : your site will be difficult to edit and SEO work will be practically impossible, but this option is less expensive.
  • In the case of a site created in an agency : your site would be easily malleable, to your image, respond concretely to your needs and you would be 100% independant. The communication agency allows you to have infinity of possibilities so that your website has all the details you asked for.

At Graffikweb, we offer an 8-step process for optimal support and above all, great expertise to propel your website. Our goal is to respond exactly to your needs and then help you gain full control over its use and future development.

  1. Expression of needs : during an appointment, we collect and reformulate the expression of your needs in terms of digital solution.
  2. Exchange advice: We propose concepts adapted to ergonomics, feasibility and technology.
  3. Drafting specifications and functional specifications : we contract all your project point by point (graphics, ergonomics and features).
  4. Creation of templates in PSD format(Photoshop file) : in response to the specifications, we realize templates of the the website’s different sections that will be presented to you.
  5. Development and integration : we move to the production stage with validation steps.
  6. Acceptance testing : we fully test the website from the front office to the back office.
  7. Delivery on production environment : as soon as the project meets your requirements, we deliver on production server. Your website is now online and usable.
  8. Training : our solutions come with training to add, edit and delete content as you wish. You are finally free to operate your website.

After these 8 steps, you will finally have a site with modern touch, which looks like you and is constantly adaptable.

And, to my skeptical friends, I tell you: you have to live with your time if you want to live with others!

To know more on our know-how on creating websites => website , e-commerce, digital solutions


Source : blogdumodérateur

Class 101 writing a great article

The desire to share and discuss about a thousand and one topics is a desire we all have. Whether it’s writing about an environmental issue, your daily life, your car engine, your limit is your creativity!

The only common denominator is that we are submerged in a digital world. Millions of articles appear every day on the web. So how can we optimize the chances of our masterpiece being read? The answer is not hidden only in the content, but mainly in the way we write it.

Here are the key tools for an irresistible article!

  • Create a structured plan, crucial step and neglected of all. Start by making a plan of your article topic and structure it according to the many facets you want to address.
  • An original introduction that instantly catches the eye. And to do this, just ask yourself what would hold your attention! An issue, an irony, let your creativity free!
  • Long paragraphs, the enemy! Imperative to regularly cut the text by idea. The more words there are, the less we want to read. Let’s not forget that we live in a world where « zapping » is instinctive. Let’s avoid discouraging our reader, starting by paying attention to the length of our paragraphs.
  • Quality, not quantity the golden rule for high-end content is simple; quality, especially not quantity! Think about it … when you see a 3-page article, don’t you half read it? Concentrate on quality to avoid being part of the flow of articles lost in the abyss, avoid the superfluous.
  • Police and adapted jargon, they must be in harmony with the content of your article. Have you ever seen a law article with wacky lettering and common vocabulary? This balance is more subtle, but remains an indispensable element.
  • The aesthetics; the text must please the eye. It is imperative that your text is ergonomic with subtitles and different font formats to provide an organized structure. It’s a definite must.
  • Writing the conclusion; it’s time to hit hard to mark and rehash the main ideas. Like a desert, it needs to have finesse to end on a high note. Make room for all your creativity!
  • The title, probably the stage that scares many. A good title has the sole purpose of generating the desire to read and vaguely summarize the article’s subject. There is no real limit to the title, only that it must fulfill its primary purpose.

To conclude, the best way to know if your article holds the keys to success? Pay attention to your readers’ feedback and check if your amount of readers increase. After all, they are the real judges!

Now to your keyboards!