When we do a google search, we come across a lot of links on dozens and dozens of web pages. When we create a website, we will all do an internet search to find it. Surprise, we can’t find it; it’s completely invisible.

How to appear on the top of the first pages of search engines can be much more complicated than we may think. Therefore, what is the solution? Very simple answer: SEO.

SEO, search engines optimization, refers to all the techniques used to improve the website’s position in the search results and to optimize its visibility.

Therefore, SEO is at the essence of marketing strategies since it represents an important commercial stake. Especially nowadays, having a place in the web universe makes some envious. Knowing that 75% of people never go further than the first page of search engines.

Source: https://blog-en.orson.io/web-marketing/100-statistics-sites-internet-2018

To venture further into the world of SEO, you need to know the 3 types of SEO:

1. Basic SEO

A basic SEO is an SEO at its pure state. There are several SEO techniques: optimization of HTML tags, writing content (keywords and images), external links (netlinking). With these free SEO techniques, search engines will propel the website into the best web search results. Despite the fact that those techniques are free, they require a high level expertise to have a truly optimal result.

2. SEA

The acronym SEA stands for « search engine advertising ». In other word, this is the paid search, which appears in the form of commercial links or sponsored links. These are ads on Google, Bing, Exalead or Yahoo. This method makes it possible to have an increased optimal visibility. This same method is easily applicable ; buying keywords corresponding to the predetermined activity. You have to know that the more a keyword is in demand, the more expensive it is.

3. SMO

The acronym SMO stands for « social media optimization ». As you can imagine, social networks have a prime spot in the consumers’ life. This type of optimization consists of increasing the visibility of the company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube.


To conclude, it is important to remember that having a site with exceptional web development and an outstanding graphic design is not enough. Without proper web referencing, you will remain invisible to your audience.